Day 13 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – Huge savings.

Getting out and about with bubba can be tricky especially when doing a a big shop so we’ve started to online shop.

Sainsburys are giving a huge £18 off a £60 spend for first time orders!


We wouldn’t normally spend 60 so I’ve stock piled on heavy canned goods like beans and chickpeas. And I treated us to a bottle of wine.

As well as this, we get further money off because I’m using Green Jinn app and the items on offer are items we already buy apart from a Vegan cheese I spotted. The beauty of it is, I can try some items I wouldn’t buy at full price for a discounted price. I’ll be sure to report back how it is.  Therefore, our savings for this weeks online shop amounted to a huge £21 off!

I’ve meal planned all our meals for the next 2 weeks so everything I bought in the shop won’t go to waste, although next week we are out quite a bit. Eating out vegan will be a challenge but we’ll see how it goes and i’ll be sure to report back.

Day 13


Cheese, tomato and basil toastie using violife cheese that we got on offer. Yum! Gooey in the middle, hit the spot.


Jacket potato with beans and sweetcorn. (I melted violife on it just because) 😍😍


Bean sprouts and mushrooms, brocolli and carrot upon. 

Now eating edamame and drinking wine. Bliss. 🍷🌱


Day 11 and Day 12 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – Recovery

This weekend was mad. We took the little one up to see nanny and granddad who held a beautiful big bbq in his honour and too much drinking and eating was done. Mike and I also went out to the Canal house in Birmingham which was stunning. They were very busy but still managed to accommodate us! Look at this delicious deli board. Yum!

Anyway, upon our return my skin started to break out everywhere. Spots on my lip on my nose, basically spots on the most obvious places on my face! Needless to say I was excited to start eating well again.

We visited my mum on bank holiday Monday and lookie what she gifted me from her allotment! I just love the different colours on the tray.

So with enough free tomatoes to fuel us through the week, Day 11 went something like this:


Toast with spinach tomatoes, spring onions, tahini sauce and nutritional yeast. Oh and a sprinkle of basil from our sad looking plant after being neglected over the weekend!


Mexican corn and bean salad with spinach, cucumber and tomatoes.


Vegan bean burger, sweet potato and side salad.

Day 12:


Oats topped with frozen berries and maple syrups! Baby has been extra clingy so I thought maybe he’s not getting enough milk (I know, it’s probably just a phase!) and oats are supposed to increase your milk supply so gave myself a very generous bowl


Sweet potato wedges (microwaved because I’m lazy) topped with homegrown tomato salsa and corn and beans and spring onions and lashings of hot sauce!


I’m starting to come down with a cold so had a very easy dinner. Left over chickpea curry that we had frozen and couscous with peas.

I’m still not feeling 100% and have a clingy baby so just trying to recover before our holiday to Normandy in 2 weeks!


Day 8, 9 + 10 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – Bank holidaaay

So I’m finishing this off on the way to Birmingham as we’re taking bubba T up to see his brummy grandparents. As you can see my posts have dropped off slightly and I noticed that my instagram post yesterday has the wrong day on it, it’s supposed to be day 9 not day 8! I’ve had an exhausting few days with little T.

We’ve started to keep herbs in our kitchen, beginning with the modest basil and coriander. I used to buy a prepacked bunch but looking at the prices a whole plant and a sprig are pretty much the same. I use basil in most tomato based meals and coriander in spiced meals.  Both are super easy to keep so far, I just dead head them every so often.

Here’s Basil bush and Corrine the coriander:

Once our garden is looking more like a garden and less like an enchanted forest I’ll start with trying our own veg next year.

So here marks the end of another week of weekday veganism.

Day 8:

Breakfast: Cinnamon oats with apples, blueberry and breakfast topper and maple syrup.

Lunch: Left over wrap “pizza”. I just put some left over canned tomato sauce from yesterday on pizza and some toppings on. In the over for ten minutes at 180 but keep an eye as I burned mine slightly! I sprinkled nutritional yeast and tahini sauce and of course some leaves from basil bush!

Dinner: Slow cooked vegetable stew. I just whacked a load of cut up veg like potatoes and carrots and then soup mix in some canned tomatoes. I used veg stock, garlic, chilli, soy sauce to flavour. On low all day and voila soup! We then had some part baked baguettes.

Day 9:

Breakfast: Allotment tomatoes, mushroom and spinach on toast. I literally cut up the tomatoes added some garlic powder, sliced mushrooms and spinach and put in microwave for 2 minutes. Then toasted bread and put on bread. Voila, quick easy meal. Topped with nutritional yeast and more basil!

Lunch: Couscous with carrots and chickpeas and a side of allotment veg salad. I love cous cous, it’s my fave, soo quick to make and filling too. Corinne made an appearance here!

Dinner: Veg stirfyyyy.

Day 10:

Breakfast: Beans on toast!

Lunch: sweet jacket potato with chick pea salad.

Dinner: Service station vegan…

So, today has been a little cray with prepping to go away for the first time with bubba but very much looking forward to seeing Mike’s family. Have a lovely bank holiday everyone!

Day 6 & 7 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – Waste less Wednesdays

So, I’m still here!

The weekend was pretty strange actually, because I knew I could consume dairy for the calcium I thought I was lacking and meat to give me iron to help my anaemia… but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was just that.. an indulgence and not actually necessary. I didn’t feel any better after having milk in my tea and red meat in my meals. I actually looked forward to more healthy interesting foods on the Monday.

So here is Mondays food:


Hummus, tomato, spinach and basil on toast. (We had a picnic on Sunday which was essentially a baguette, hummus, crisps and grapes so had left over red pepper hummus… yummmm)


Spiralized sweet potato in tomato and spinach sauce with olives. Topped with spring onions, nutritional yeast and tahini sauce.


Mushrooms in hoisin sauce lettuce wraps with assortment of veg.

And here is Tuesday’s foods.


Banana and peanut butter on toast.


Rice, tofu with spring onions and ginger and more natto! (soy beans)


I arrived home with baby at 8pm last night and had a hungry Mike to feed so we needed something quick and easy. This was great for getting on the table in fifteen.

Sweet potato and chickpea fajitas. (I microwaved the sweet potatoes first for 5 min and added to the chickpeas, onions and canned tomato) We used left over veg from dinner the night before and added sweetcorn.


Corn on the cob picked from the allotment!

From waste I’ve been thinking.. whenever I change little T’s nappies I always think about a land fill filled with nappies somewhere out there and I’ve heard it takes 500 years for a nappy to biodegrade. Easy,  then maybe we should use cloth nappies. Then I’m faced with the argument of won’t it use more electricity and water to wash the said recyclable nappies? They’re also quite expensive to buy and you need quite a few just to get through a day! I just don’t know.. Isn’t there some sort of compromise?

We were lucky enough to have been bought a starter set of nappies (there are 7 in a pack) so I thought I will spend one afternoon a week when I know I’m going to do a load of washing the next day, to use then. This way I can add the nappies to the load of washing and I’m not having to leave soiled nappies in a tub or do an extra load of washing. It’s a win/win situation and it’s a start to reduce our impact on the environment.

That’s when I thought of waste less Wednesday. If I can start wasting less on just one day or one afternoon and implementing a change or at least thinking towards change then  over a life time, will my small changes add up? I’m going to start to look at all aspects of my life to see if I can be wasting less and /or saving money.

Anyway, little T is getting unsettled so I’m off to have a look at what the re-usable nappy is looking like. Wish me luck!


Day 4 and 5 – Weekly vegan challenge -Where I contemplate eating bugs.

I’ve had a busy couple of days so cramming two entries into one.

I was randomly streaming some documentaries on the BBC when I came across the bug farm.   Dr Beynon and her chef husband Andy Holcroft came together to make tasty foods using bugs as a sustainable food source. It’s actually a really interesting concept although it would take a lot of getting used to, more so because insects can thrive on our food scraps and food wastes. Again, something I totally would never have thought of before becoming vegan and considering the huge environmental impact the meat and dairy industries are having, Would you consider eating bugs in the future?

Anyway, day 4 looked like this.

I had a friend over for dinner so she shared in on our vegan dinner and brought dessert. After much trawling through M&S she returned with strawberries. Nothing wrong with that, in fact they were delicious but she said she struggled to find any sort of variety.


Oats, strawberries, blueberries in almond milk.


I love easy food full of flavour. And what’s easier than a sweet potato pinged in the microwave with chickpeas which I coated in jerk seasoning and added a dash of salt and lemon. I added that to the microwave at the last minute point and then drizzled in tahini sauce. Yum!


Vegan shephards pie. Made with lentils, topped with skin on mash, breadcrumbs, sundried tomatoes and basil.


Various fruits and Edamame

Day 5, Mike was driving to Gloucester to compete in tough mudder with his brothers on Saturday so I decided to go visit my parents. So my day of eating looked very different. and featured lots of japanese foods. Lots of rice and sesame based products. Miso soup with no dashi of course and my favourite natto! It’s fermented soy beans and an acquired taste much like blue cheese (It smells of socks and has this strange sticky consistency) . Mike hates it but I’m going to make sure that little T loves it, it’s so good for you.


Tomato puree on toast with tomatoes, basil and tahini sauce. (Yes.. I’m obsessed)


Steamed rice with natto, allotment salad, steamed spinach


Rice, miso soup, veg burger.


Allotment cucumbers dipped in miso and tahini sauce.

We had a visitor as well who came to see bubba and she brought a big lovely looking cheesecake. I had to refuse it but trying to explain to my mum and her friend who have never lived without meat in their whole sixty years of existence why you’ve turned into a weekday vegan is quite a difficult task!

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend! x

Day 3 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – Crunch cauliflower poppers and the need for more calcium.

I am loving this challenge. I have learned so much about foods from reading you guys’ articles and for your helping hands in pointing me in the direction of some really interesting blogs. I’m also not missing any of the meats and dairy today. I was just so excited to cook and eat some fresh vibrant veggies.

This morning though, my thumb nail broke off as I was picking bubba up. It broke off in an unnatural jaggedy way and caught his cheek as I tried to get him out of his bouncer. He was really sad about this, he screamed and it caught me by surprise because I had no idea what had happened until I saw my thumb and a tiny cut on his face. Here is my little whale cloud getting over the trauma with a long nap.

Then, after I put him down for a nap, not long after my other thumb nail broke off. Now I don’t know if it’s a complete coincidence, but it made me think I really need to consume more calcium. I’ve been told by @themaskwriter that kiwis are a good source so will be buying some on my next weekly shop.

Reading here, I’ve consumed brocolli and tahini from the list and also had an orange.

Here is what I ate today.


A weird one, but a good one. Marmite soldiers with baked beans!


Chickpea burger with tahini crunchy cauliflower poppers.

What you need:

  • half tin chickpeas
  • half a small onion
  • tahini sauce (from yesterday)
  • cauliflower
  • 1 slice of bread
  • seasonings
  • a handful of cauliflower florets
  • oil to grease oven tray

I processed a slice of bread with some seasoning (I used garlic powder, cumin, paprika, ginger, chilli and salt)

I then dipped the florets in tahini sauce and then dipped them in to breadcrumbs coating evenly before putting on a well greased oven tray. With the left over crumbs I blended this with the chickpeas and onions  before adding more garlic powder, salt and pepper and then shaped the mixture in to a patty shape and put it on a well greased baking tray.

I baked at 190 degrees (fan assisted) for 20 minutes keeping an eye on them and turning if looking too crispy. I put the patty in a slice of bread with gherkin, salsa and salad. I dipped the poppers in ketchup and they were amazing! The great thing about this is, the ingredients I had already so didn’t need to buy anything to make it. It’s also super versatile so you can add different vegetables to the burger like grated carrot and also could probably use brocolli or potatoes (part boiled) instead of the cauliflower for the poppers.


Vegan pizza, I just followed a normal pizza recipe omitting the cheese and it still turned out great. I might have not put enough salt and pepper in the sauce but will be sure to do it next time. I topped with mushroom, pepper, brocolli, olives and onion.

I had it with left over chickpeas from lunch in a salad and a corn on the cob 🌽 from mammas allotment.


Ryvita topped with tomato, avocado, salad leaves and tahini sauce. Bliss.

I am still super motivated to carry on and try out new recipes and still feeling excited about the whole challenge.

I watched a documentary by chance on insect farming for food which really got me thinking. But I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

Good night y’all. xx


Day 2 – Weekday Vegan Challenge – I discover creamy, dreamy tahini everything sauce.

I’m still here! And I haven’t actually missed meat at all. My issue is the dairy component, but more on that later. My day today looked like this.

I’ve been seriously missing eating dairy. There is something that is missing, like the creamy taste of butter or cheese. So, I decided to give tahini sauce a try.

I was inspired by the recipe at  inspired taste and just added some chilli flakes. I also lacked fresh garlic and fresh lemon juice so used garlic powder and lemon juice in a bottle. (In the name of frugality and all) It has allll the creaminess I was missing and more. It has a little bit of a smoky flavour but I soon learned to love it.

It really was as easy as whisking tahini in with luke warm water, lemon juice, garlic powder, chilli flakes and salt.

I tried a few different combos, spread with marmite, spread over a salad, spread over pickle. It does really fill the void of cheese or at the very least, cheese spread. Yum.

Today’s meals were quick and easy as I had to visit the baby clinic to get little man weighed, go shopping for bananas and also sign up to baby massage classes at  the local family centre. That’s more than I’ve done in a long time!


Baked beans on toast with basil and hot sauce. Simple, quick and packed with flavour.


Vegan sushi (Shop bought – I had to be careful because a few contained egg and dairy) and chickpea, tomato, cucumber and pepper salad. My mun made a chilli soy sauce, with chilli’s from her allotment so I used this on the salad.


  • Fiery dan dan noodles – ingredients below.
  • Spaghetti
  • Stir fry veg (anything goes, brocolli, peppers, carrots etc etc)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sugar or maple syrup
  • Chilli
  • Garlic powder
  • Ginger crushed
  • Oil

You can sub the dry ingredients for fresh ingredients.  I boiled spaghetti until el dente whilst frying half a brocolli some sugar snap peas and the rest of the pepper from the salad at lunch. I used my mum’s home made chilli soy sauce and put in half a teaspoon of sugar, sprinkled in some chilli, garlic powder and ginger in with salt and pepper. Kept tasting to see what was lacking.

I was inspired by this recipe here from Joanne eats well. Just subbed out the honey for a sweet vegan alternative.

I decided whilst eating dinner that it was missing tahini sauce so put a dollop on. Mike always follows what I do and decided to stir in a good dollop of tahini sauce. (and regretted it) I guess he’s not as big a fan as me!


I had a big orange, a banana and also put the tahini sauce on a cracker bread with the salsa and some mushrooms. (Yes, I’m still trying to get through the salsa from the weekend and I will succeed!)

Feeling good today, despite being exhausted from not being able to sleep again after 5am with bubba. I’ve read so many inspiring blogs here and feel very motivated! Let’s see how I feel at the end of the thirty days but for now, I’m enjoying my journey!